Noise is always one of the biggest potential problems with racing facilities.  For some reason, not everyone loves the sounds of high performance vehicles at full song.

So when conceiving Attesa, Danrick Builders and APEX Circuit Design came up with a noise reduction plan that’s now been modeled and tested by AECOM, one of the world’s leading engineering firms.  The verdict is in:  Success!

Attesa’s wheels-in-motion foundation is our Motorsports Technology Core featuring a 2.8-mile public road course, for testing and racing, plus a 2.8-mile members-only race track, a driver experience center, a karting track and a multi-use arena.  All will produce noise from cars, trucks and motorcycles at speed.

Our two-tiered solution was simple.

First, we’re building tracks where much of the racing surfaces will be below grade, with the public track featuring as much as a 70’ elevation change. Most of the sound waves emitted from screaming internal combustion engines will be enclosed.

Second, we’re sculpting a 25′ high berm around the tracks to further contain the noise.  The sounds will go up more than out.

Due diligence required testing our concept with an accurate, independent engineering model provided by perhaps the best company in the business.  We provided AECOM with drawings, likely vehicles (everything from IndyCars and stock cars to sports cars and race bikes) and other necessary data.  They created a precise, advanced technology 3D model to analyze and confirm likely sound levels, from various racing series, at six different offsite, outside-the-core receivers virtually positioned throughout the development.

Allowing for wind and other metrological conditions, AECOM reported noise levels would not exceed 65 decibels — Pinal County’s daytime noise limit for rural-zoned land uses.  Our design plan has been validated.

To put 65 dBA in perspective, normal conversation is about 60 decibels; a typical kitchen dishwasher’s noise level is 70 dBA; the sound level of a lawn mower is 90 decibels.

At present, our 2360-acre site, a half mile south of Interstate 8, between the Bianco and Montgomery Road exits, is surrounded by nothing but unoccupied desert and farmland.  This will change over time of course.  Civilized encroachment is both inevitable and preferred, especially as Attesa builds a hotel and conference center, industrial park and residential neighborhoods.  Retailers, restaurants and entertainment will move in.  Attesa will soon become part of the megalopolis between Phoenix and Tucson, an international destination unique in all the world.

We’re proud to have taken the initial, correct steps toward making sure our future neighbors will never be bothered by the sweet sounds of our passion.