The site plan for Attesa provides an idea of the size and scope of this motorsports technology community.  Closer examination reveals a massive area referred to as the private course and while many of you have been interested in Attesa as race fans who want to see national and international series events on our world-class public road course, we have a surprise for those who also want to experience motor sports from behind the wheel of a high performance racing machine.  For those discriminating enthusiasts we are proud to present more information about our world-class private track with an exclusive, members-only club.

When we conceived Attesa we strove to  create a motorsports facility where participants could take full advantage of three unique experiential benefits.

First: Performance.  We wanted to build a circuit that would help high performance car enthusiasts to improve their skills behind the wheel while offering maximum, 24/7/365 enjoyment.

Second:  Luxury.  We envisioned a private club, complete with all the luxury amenities anyone could want, including members-only privileges that extended far beyond the race track.

Third:  Convenience.  We wanted to provide members with the opportunity to house not only their cars, motorcycles and even private airplanes at Attesa, but their families and friends, too.

Judging from the feedback volunteered by just about everyone who has seen our site plan, mission accomplished.

The private track from Apex Circuit Design will be 2.8 miles in length and configurable to create three different layouts, each built to meet or exceed FIA and FIM safety certifications.  The full size 19-turn International Circuit, the 10-turn, 1.32-mile National West Circuit and the 13-turn, 1.28-mile circuit will all feature dramatic elevation changes, a few blind corners and plenty of runoff area to reduce the chances of damage to expensive vehicles.

Our private club is going to be peerless in terms of architecture, furnishings and conveniences.  Besides the obvious features like a luxury driver’s lounge and locker area, full-service health spa and a business center the club will offer gourmet dining, a sports bar, meeting space and recreational facilities.  Members will also enjoy special access to all entertainment and events at Attesa, from concerts and races to rodeos, theatrical shows, collector car auctions and more.

Finally, Attesa will contain a mixed-use development adjoining the track where they can acquire a ‘Garage Majal,’ a casita-like home with room for two, three or even four vehicles on the ground level with full-time living quarters above.  And if the weekend guest list is larger than the number of beds, members can enjoy special rate accommodations at our 300+ room hotel.  All of this with direct access to the Club.

Additionally, Members may choose to build a single family home, complete with a full size garage and mini-race shop and even a hangar for  light aircraft they can use to fly in and out, on Attesa’s 6000-ft. air strip.

Yes, we’re all looking forward to seeing the public track at Attesa appear on some major motorsports series’ annual schedules. But for those who live and breathe for the thrill of high speed driving in a safe, uncompromised, world-class luxury environment, Attesa is going to be their only destination.

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