Dear Friends,

It is my pleasure to share some important news with you.

Engineers and survey crews are out placing stakes in the ground at Attesa.  Plans submitted to the county will soon be public and (hopefully) approved.  We are finally about to build the best racing complex in Arizona.

Which brings me to addressing both the delay in getting started and why we have had to adjust, adapt and persevere. 

The pandemic has changed everything on the planet.  Human mortality hasn’t been this exposed in more than 100 years and the economy, financial markets and especially the entertainment industry – including professional motor racing — may never be the same.

So, we’ve switched gears in order to get enthusiasts, manufacturers and racers on track sooner than later. 

Our original. suitable-for-F1 circuit surrounded by grandstands, VIP suites and vast common areas (the plan we submitted six months ago) is now on hold. 

Instead, we are building a configurable 2.4-mile track that can be run in either direction, with high speed esses, elevation changes and everything else drivers and riders want in a circuit. The complex will feature a driving school and skidpad.  And garages, residential areas and industrial parks. And night driving. And then even more track.

The club model has been revised to make track time, races and memberships more affordable, more convenient and more aligned with our original concept. 

We’re building a place for the masses; for all the open wheel, sedan, vintage and sports car drivers; and all motorcycle riders, who are not independently wealthy but still want to go fast, as often as possible, in a secure, safe environment. 

And remember, ours will be the only Arizona race track development that is zoned residential, so members can build a Garage Majal or single-family home where you can actually live year ‘round. With no restrictions.

Our motorsports park is going to be founded on a large community of car and motorcycle people connected by their passion for performance and speed. They know that track time is the only way you get better, faster and smarter. They know Attesa is the best value.


Dan Erickson, Managing Partner