First came the horse drawn wagon, then the Iron Horse and horseless carriage, and finally the flying machine as the best, fastest and most efficient means of transporting both people and cargo.

Today, planes, trains and automobiles remain America’s favorite modes of moving just about anything, living and otherwise, across this great continent. And yes, that phrase evokes memories of a pretty funny movie, too.

But this isn’t a movie review. It’s a preview, to share that while cars, trucks and motorcycles will be the ‘stars’ of Attesa’s Motorsports Technology Core, freight trains and all kinds of aircraft are going to play major ‘supporting roles’ in our epic story treatment.

Let’s start with planes. Attesa is going to have a 6000-ft. air strip with through-the-gate access for select residents, private club members and industrial tenants, including race teams and manufacturers.  The runway will be long enough to allow most private planes to fill up and fly, non-stop, to almost anywhere in the contiguous states.

That convenience can come in handy for a performance company or race team back east or in the Midwest that wants to fly in a new part or component and have it tested, immediately, on our Apex Circuit Design -created 2.8-mile road course.

Trains are kind of a big deal too.  Remember, Casa Grande was settled by railway workers back in the 1880’s, who were building a railroad to link the port of Los Angeles with New Orleans and beyond. That railroad still exists, carrying passengers (some) and freight (mostly) from coast to coast.

No, there will not be direct railway loading at Attesa.  But the station is not far away.  And companies who build, package and assemble product at Attesa, including non-automotive distribution centers, will have easy access to the most fuel efficient method of cargo transport in America.

That brings us to automobiles.  And trucks.  And motorcycles.  Attesa is being created as a community dedicated to motorsports, transportation design and engineering; from internal combustion engine vehicles to hybrids, electric cars and bikes and everything else the engineers can and will come up with.  Including race vehicles of all shapes and sizes, with and without fenders, made to compete everywhere from Attesa, Daytona, Eldora and Indianapolis to Le Mans, Melbourne, Silverstone and Zandvoort.

Planes, trains and automobiles. Coming soon. To Casa Grande, Arizona.