Attesa’s in the news again, as a new article in the Casa Grand Dispatch reveals a bird’s eye view of what our motorsports and transportation design community might eventually look like ….

A preliminary schematic composed by Danrick Builders outlines how the development firm’s future motor sports park might be built on a parcel located south of Casa Grande.

Danrick Builders, based in Chandler, announced last month its long-term plans to build a motor sports park, known as Attesa, near Montgomery and Hanna roads.

A letter sent out by a law firm representing the company in late June included an aerial map of how the various components of Attesa may be carved out into the project’s 2,360-acre site. The letter defined the design as “conceptual” and further boasted Attesa as being a future “economic engine” for the region.

The letter was sent to adjacent landowners of the Attesa property, notifying them of an amendment Danrick Builders had filed with Pinal County to change the land-use classifications of its parcels. The company hopes to have the rezoning approved by the fourth quarter of 2016.

Danrick Builders aims to have Attesa entirely up and running by 2020, a full decade after developers began working on the project.

The conceptual design includes pieces such as two racing tracks, one public and the other private, and an airport with a 6,000-foot runway. It also includes many sections earmarked for unspecified residential and commercial purposes.

Attesa has previously been described by its developers as a one-of-a-kind automotive facility that would combine recreational and commercial racing in one place.

The land Attesa will presumably be built upon contains a piece of Casa Grande history dating to the 1940s.

Joe Bianco and his three brothers bought about 5,500 acres near Casa Grande in 1945 and used it to cultivate crops and raise cattle for the next five decades.

The sons of Italian immigrants, the Bianco brothers moved to Arizona after World War II and quickly became immersed in the Casa Grande community. Joe’s name often appears in old Casa Grande Dispatch articles profiling his appearance at various charity events, along with his brothers Peter, Paul and Bill, who were involved in settling water issues in Pinal County.

Joe Bianco died in 2011 at age 96. A parcel of the old Bianco farmlands was reportedly purchased by Danrick Builders last year. The road that runs adjacent to the parcel is named after the Bianco family.