The Attesa team recently attended the inaugural Arizona Technology Innovation Summit and it looks like we’re all on the same page.

On Thursday, March 23rd, the Arizona Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Arizona Commerce Authority and Thiel Capital hosted the first ever Arizona Tech Innovation Summit at the Omni Resort in Phoenix. 

 The takeaway was simple, and seemingly perfectly aligned with our vision for Attesa.

If the Grand Canyon State can begin to attract and establish engineering and technical offices, and market our cities and counties nationally and internationally, significant capital should come to Arizona.

 As in venture capital, the funding that recognizes and invests in opportunities that will certainly strengthen Arizona’s reputation as a hub for innovation.

 Yes, Attesa is building a unique new real estate development featuring racing circuits.  But the racing events and on-site entertainment are just the sizzle.  The steak part is how we are going to create a community that will attract and cater to hi-tech transportation and high performance vehicle companies that will help America lead the way into the future.

Translation:  Attesa is being developed as a destination where venture capitalists can establish advanced engineering companies while creating jobs and economic growth. 

Governor Doug Ducey and ASU President Michael Crow were the featured speakers at the all day summit, splitting four panel discussions.

All discussions centered around two important facts related to promoting innovation, engineering and business advantages in Arizona.

The first was a clear message from Governor Ducey.  His administration is committed to enabling businesses to thrive here.  Or, to quote some of the great leaders the Attesa team is working with in Pinal County, “We’re here to facilitate, not regulate.”

The second positive message came from Dr. Crow re: training and education.  Last year ASU graduated more than 20,000 engineering students.  The goal now is to create work that will not only keep those graduates here but lure others, from every corner of the world, to careers in Arizona.

Panelist Jason Pressman, Managing Director for Shasta Ventures, a Silicon Valley investment firm, said, “I never really thought about Arizona as a place for engineering talent.  There needs to be an initiative where the state of Arizona reaches out to VCs to show engineering talent. I think there’s low-hanging fruit here with marketing. Talk to VCs who are gatekeepers to have them think of Arizona. I think that’s a near-term opportunity.”

Another panelist, entrepreneur and ASU graduate Mike Fond, said: “There’s a lot of marketing the state can do. We have the quality of life and lower cost of living. All that stuff has to be packaged up. People are smart. They’re going to go where the best opportunity is.”

We couldn’t agree more.  And the best opportunity location for engineers, entrepreneurs and advanced technology is going to be Attesa.