No Initiation Fee, Free Garage Spaces for Members and Permanent Zoning for Competition Events Will Make the New Attesa Circuit Uniquely Fun, Secure and Affordable!

Danrick Builders LLC, the company developing Attesa, a 2500-acre motorsports, entertainment and advanced technology community near Casa Grande, has announced its initial project will be the membership road course.

“We just completed the entitlement process, and phase one — three tracks, a hotel and convention center, and everything else — is going to take a while to build,” said Pat Johnson, President of Attesa. “A lot of enthusiasts have been waiting long enough on us. So, we’re moving construction of the membership track to the front of the line.”

Attesa was approved for its permanent zoning on December 19, 2018 with an effective date of January 20, 2019. Since that time the Danrick team has been working diligently with Pinal County officials to obtain the necessary permits and plans to break ground in August.

While the membership circuit at Attesa will not be the first private-golf-club-like facility in Arizona, it will be the only one zoned specifically for competition events, i.e. actual races, with no worries about sound. Other tracks are limited to noise levels no greater than 85 dB due to their location within city limits.

“Compared with most other driving clubs, we think we’re hitting the bullseye for affordable, high performance driving and racing,” said Dan Erickson, Managing Partner of Danrick Builders LLC. “An annual membership is $5495 down and $295 a month. Members will be promised 20 days track time per month, including two weekends a month. And we’ll even have a limited number of garage spaces that will be complimentary, on a first come first served basis.”

The circuit will offer everything a racer or driving enthusiast will need for a fun, safe, cost-effective and convenient skill-building experience, featuring signal lights, multiple timing and scoring loops and classroom and dining facilities. The track will boast multiple configurations (to insure the track never gets ‘stale’ to drivers), garages, a skid pad, well-known high-performance driving school, on-site fueling and a pro shop.

“Having been a member of a private club in the past I wanted to make sure we were not subject to the same challenges it presented,” said Erickson. “Like zoning. I paid a lot of up-front money with no assurances that the City or County would keep renewing the special use permit.”

“Some of my race cars were simply too loud for me to run them legally and if the track violated their land use agreement, my membership would have been revoked and I would have lost all my initiation fee with no way to get it back.  I also didn’t think it was fair for me to pay a huge initiation fee to finance future club amenities that, in all likelihood, would never be built.  That seems to be the norm if you look at club tracks across the country.”

“It’s taken us nearly five years to do this right,” said Johnson. “With the proper zoning, practical noise levels and more than reasonable fees, we feel like we have done everything we could to protect our member’s investment.”

The track is intended to host automobile and motorcycle races, drifting, autocross and other events put on by local race organizations like SCCA, NASA, ProAutoSports and DRRO Track Days, and XCEL Trackdays. Car and motorcycle clubs will also be welcome, as will the public for events including bicycle races, charity walks and runs, ATV and UTV rides and more.

Attesa is limiting ‘ground breaker’ memberships to those who register, with no obligation, prior to the start of construction.

“We announced in 2014 and interest was through the roof,” said Erickson. “We think we owe it to our supporters to make the club track our very first priority. They want to start driving and racing sooner than later. We firmly agree.”

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