A Florida-based company is planning an amusement park in Casa Grande. It’s the latest in a stellar line of Attesa-like development projects that will create jobs, spawn growth and establish Case Grande, Arizona as a world-class business and entertainment destination. 

The Block Sports Company of Orlando, Florida has been revealed to be planning Dreamport Villages amusement park, located where Interstate 8 meets I-10 in Case Grande, Arizona.

We say, ‘revealed’ because it’s still unclear if they were ready to have details about their project released as public information this soon.

But that’s what the media does.  They keep track of news that impacts the public and thanks to ABC15 and the Casa Grande Dispatch for first sharing the story.

Dreamport Villages is being planned as a world class entertainment park including resort hotels, an extreme sports area with go-kart tracks, zip lines, rock climbing and a 12-acre lake with wakeboard cable systems.  There will also be an indoor water park and an animal-themed park with wildlife, canoe rides and a log flume plus a 420,000-sq. ft. marketplace. 

That marketplace is about one-third the size of the solar-canopied Plaza at Attesa but its obvious great minds are thinking alike. 

When you consider Phoenix Mart’s recent construction start, the 2016 announcement of Lucid Motors coming to town to build a $700 million electric car manufacturing plant and Attesa’s plan for a 4th quarter ground breaking to begin construction of America’s premier, world-class motorsports, technology and entertainment destination; well, it’s no wonder Casa Grande and Pinal County have become a premier industry destination of their own.

This is a big deal.  Pinal County is the third-most populous county in Arizona, in the heart of the Arizona Sun Corridor, with Case Grande historically considered nothing more than a way station between Phoenix and Tucson.

A ‘Disney World’-type amusement park destination, in addition to Attesa, Phoenix Mart and Lucid Motors, will contribute to a change in that perception.

“With the recent announcement of the $4.4 billion Dreamport Villages and the 2016 announcements of the Attesa Motorsports Complex, Lucid Motors and several other significant projects, Pinal County has created an economic engine of staggering proportions,” said Tim Kanavel, Pinal County Economic Development Manager.  “With the County able to attract such significant projects, the foreseeable future may even be more dynamic as many other projects are in the pipeline that are somewhat larger yet,” he added.

In other words, the Case Grande area, in the middle of the county, is about to become Arizona’s largest growth region. 

Lucid is planning on creating 2000 new jobs. Phoenix Mart should add a similar amount.  Dreamport Villages is estimating over 5000 jobs. 

An Elliott D. Pollack & Company Economic Impact Study projects 15,000 jobs from Attesa.

The Casa Grande area is where Interstate 8, the freeway to San Diego, connects with Interstate 10, the freeway that runs from Santa Monica, CA to Jacksonville, Florida.  It’s 45 minutes south of Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport and 50 minutes north of Tucson International Airport.

Attesa will also have its own 6000-ft. private airstrip, built to accommodate most small and medium size private aircraft.

Our climate is balmy.  We’re warm in the summer but that’s ideal for manufacturers who need to perform hot weather testing at Attesa.  We know how, where and why to use air conditioning. We have little rain, no snow, no earthquakes, no tornadoes and no hurricanes.

And we have abundant sunshine.  Our Southwestern location is among the world’s best for the harvesting of solar energy.

Pinal County is on the cusp of unprecedented growth and prosperity.  The Attesa, Phoenix Mart, Lucid and Dreamport Villages developments will kick start employment, housing, training and education in and around Casa Grande.  Which will result in more business for grocery stores, restaurants, department stores, movie theaters, bars, gas stations, convenience stores … the list is endless.

Attesa is extremely pleased with the news that another world-class company is coming to the Casa Grande area.  We look forward to working with Block Sports, Phoenix Mart and Lucid toward sculpting central Arizona into an internationally-popular motorsports, entertainment, technology and business destination.



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