Recently, after Attesa was announced to the public, I was invited to attend a lunch meeting held by the Economic Development Group of Eloy, a small town just a few miles south of Casa Grande in central Arizona.

The business leaders of Eloy were very interested in Attesa, mainly because they knew the 2360-acre development would bring much needed jobs and growth to the region. At the end of my presentation, one attendee raised his hand and asked, “Bill, will Attesa create local jobs?”

The answer was yes, of course; starting as soon as we complete the entitlement process, and then continuing for years and years after.

Ground breaking is expected in late spring of next year. That’s when the infrastructure will be built as tons and tons of earth (approximately 6 million square yards) are moved to shape the foundation of the Motorsports Technology Core, or Phase 1 of the development.

Water, electrical, gas, sewage and communications lines will be needed. The companies that make those products and materials may not necessarily be in central Arizona but the manpower needed to trench, pour concrete and lay the pipe, wire and cable should be local.

Attesa will also have its own water treatment plant, built and operated by people who live nearby.

Construction will mean jobs for plumbers, masons, carpenters, electricians, drywallers, landscapers and others. And those workers will be around for quite a while since Attesa will eventually offer single family homes, casitas and apartment complexes.

As industrial and commercial buildings are occupied the tenants will create even more jobs, from blue collar to advanced technology and management positions, including the folks who will build, develop and test the cars, trucks and motorcycles that will occupy most of the time on Attesa’s primary circuit.

The hotel and convention center, including the nearby restaurants, retailers and entertainment attractions will create hundreds of full time jobs.

The people who will build and work at Attesa will be part of the community. They will need housing and schools for their children while spending their wages on food, clothing, movies and more. And as soon as construction begins other developments are certain to pop up in the surrounding area.

Attesa will not only create jobs from day one. Attesa is going to boost the economies of cities and towns large and small in the heart of the Arizona Sun Corridor between Phoenix and Tucson.

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