Attesa was conceived as a destination community for people who want to live a luxury lifestyle near where they work, learn, or run laps on the Podium Club racing circuit.

Residential districts will feature single-family, custom, and air park hangar homes with through the gate access.  Condos, townhomes, and multi-family housing will serve college, corporate and entertainment districts.


Families will have numerous options for luxury living at Attesa, including townhomes, condos and apartments for professionals, retirees, and empty nesters.  The community will also offer dormitories for student housing near vocational schools and satellite university campuses.

Single Family Communities

Attesa’s traditional single family home neighborhoods offer large back yards and the most energy efficient, LEED-certified structures available, featuring smart home automation, photovoltaic roofing, energy storage, solar water heating and more.

Hanger Homes

The air park at Attesa provides private aircraft owners with large luxury homes, each featuring a hangar with through the gate runway access.  As with all structures built at Attesa, hangar homes will be LEED certified for maximum efficiency and sustainability.

Custom Homes

The epitome of luxury living at Attesa means large, oversize lots in quiet, secure neighborhoods where discerning buyers can design and build their perfect custom home.  of large, oversize lots to offer discerning buyers the ideal opportunity to design and built their perfect, custom home.