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Drivers … Start Your Memberships!!

One-time $5,495 Initiation Fee

+ $295 Per Month

210+ Track Days Per Year

Including 50 Weekend Days!

Construction on Attesa’s new club circuit and garages will begin soon. Until we break ground we’re offering a limited number of new memberships to car and motorcycle enthusiasts who want track privileges day and night, at a safe, secure complex.

To hold your place in line, simply enter your full name, email address, and phone number. We’ll be in touch soon with more information and qualification requirements. No payment will be due until we’ve started building the track (estimated 07/2021).

We expect these pre-ground-breaking memberships to sell out quickly, so please apply now. Memberships will be offered on a first come, first served basis according to response date.

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Compare The Tracks

See how Attesa stacks up!

  Attesa Apex Motor Club Inde Motorsports Ranch
Initiation Fee $5,495 $30,000* $45,000*
Annual Dues $3,540** $5,000* $5,000*
Days on Track 210+ per year 200 per year* Unlimited
Night Driving/Riding Yes No No
Sanctioned Car/Bike Racing Yes No, members only Yes
Drive time, Tucson Airport 1 hr, 10 min 1 hr, 48 min 1 hr, 23 min
Drive time, Phoenix Airport 51 min 47 min 3 hrs
Noise limit 120 dB Not to exceed city ordinance, 70 dB Unknown/Not published
Zoned for Purpose Yes, Permanent 24/7 No, Temporary permit No, Temporary permit
* Information provided from public materials
** $295 per month

Sounds Great

How Do I Get Started?

Contact Us

Just provide us with your name, email and phone number and we’ll put you on the list to receive more information as it becomes available.

Lock Down Your Spot

We’re planning on offering 100 inaugural memberships but no money is required until construction begins. Reserve your spot now!

Get Ready to Race

As soon as we complete the permitting process construction will commence and we’ll be off to the races. Make sure you don’t start a lap down!

Take Advantage While You Can

Extremely Limited Time Offer!

This Is Your ONLY Chance To Claim Our Inaugural Memberships!

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