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We have been pleasantly surprised at how many membership reservations we received after announcing the new track at Attesa. Phone calls have been placed to each respondent to introduce ourselves and provide answers to any questions. A majority wanted to know more about the same subjects.  

So, here’s a list of the most frequently asked questions and the answers as of today.

Q:  When is the initiation fee due? And when do the monthly fees begin?

A:  A $1000 deposit for the initiation fee will be due when we break ground later this year. It will go into an escrow account until the track opens, when the full amount will be due. The deposit is fully refundable. Monthly fees will not begin until the track opens.

Q:  Will there be any discounts for family members? Are guests allowed?

A:  Yes to both, with details to be spelled out in final contracts. Example: There will be a half-off discount package for spouse and/or a family member; fees will be 50% of the primary member’s initiation fee with monthly dues 50% off as well.  We will offer a menu of membership options for individuals, families, businesses, etc. 

Q:  When will the fees go up?

A:  As soon as we break ground this year, and again when we open next spring. Then, initiation and monthly fees will not increase until we’ve begun adding the planned amenities our members want. Monthly fee increases will have an annual cap (up to 3% per year) that will be based on the join or contract date. Unlike other clubs, we will only raise rates as new features are introduced, not before.

Q:  Will there be RV parking with hookups and camping?

A:  Yes. Both are in our master plan but patience, please; a hot track and garages are our first priority.

Q:  How many garages are you building and how much will they cost?

A:  We will be building as many garages as our members need.  There will be a one-garage limit per membership until all members have either opted in or chosen to pass on a garage unit at sign-up.  If a member opts out, he or she will be added to a wait list in case they change their mind.

We can’t confirm costs yet but ideally each garage space will be about $500 per month, with the option to lease multiple (two, three or four) units depending upon availability. We will also have build-to-suit options for race teams and/or corporate clients that fall outside of the standard garage plans.

Q: What about residential?  Do members have priority access to buying property to custom build on, or buying a single-family home, casita, or ‘Garage Majal?’

Yes, we will have residential, retail and industrial property for sale; and yes, members will enjoy priority access according to their membership anniversary.  First come, first served.

Q:  How safe will the track be, for both cars and motorcycles?

A:  The 2.2-mile grand opening track, as well as all future tracks, will be built to FIA and AMA/MotoAmerica specifications. Initial numbers indicate a 50/50 split between auto and moto membership reservations. Low curbs, huge runoff areas, safety first barriers and other protection measures specific to motorcycle racing are included in the design.

Q:  Will there be member racing? 

A:  Absolutely.  And members will have a say in what is raced and the frequency of the races. 

Q:  Will there be a clubhouse with fine dining, a locker room, swimming pool and meeting space … like at a golf club?

A:  There will be a clubhouse, but before we build the permanent building, we’ll see what members really want. Clubhouse facilities will be in place for Phase 1, but prospective members have expressed interest in everything from 5-star restaurants, sports bars and food trucks to swimming pool, spa & exercise room, shooting range, business center and putting green. We have dedicated acreage and will build according to what members prioritize. Members will be paying for their clubhouse. They should have a say in how big or luxurious it will be.

Q:  What will the hours be?

A:  First answer:  Sunup to sundown. Second answer:  We’ll also have evening and night sessions available during the summer months.  Garages will always be accessible, even when the track is cold.  

Q:  Will there be retail stores and services available? 

A:  Yes.  Not only will we have all the basic, racing-related stores and services members should expect, we also plan to have select local businesses that will be of value to members and guests.

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